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>> i never in my worst nightmare imagined i would be a prisoner. >> alan: after more than a year in an irann prison, sayre ha shourd is back on american soil, but she is until celebrating. >> i am only one-third free. >> alan: her fiancee and friend are still locked up in iran. >> toy today she called their
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imprisonment a huge misunderstanding. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we're not spies. >> carolyn: she says they were detained after accidentally crossing an unmarked boredder into iran. she was set free after recently discovering a lump in her breast. >> the only thing that enabled me to cross the gulf alone was the knowledge that shawne and josh wanted with all their hearts for my suffering to end. >> carolyn: today this week, secretary of state hillary clinton repeated shourd's call for the release of bauer and fattal. >> i was so pleased this young woman was able to come home. i want the other two young americans, josh and shane to come home as well. >> carolyn: also today, iranian
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president mahmoud ahmadinejad said shourd's release should be followed by the release of eight irann prisoners we says are being illegally held in the united states. ahmadinejad wouldn't budge when pressed about letting bauer and fattal go. >> we urge you again with you humanitarianism of the islamic republic of iran to show the same compassion you had for sarah to bring josh and shane home. >> we want people to be free and not to suffer. in the end of the day, there's a law that determines who stays in prison and who does not. >> carolyn: george says she is more determined than ever to use her new freedom to help her friends achieve theirs. >> my life begins the day we can be reunited with our families and prison walls behind us. >> carolyn: shourd has been in ayman since being released from
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the prison. the doctors determined she was, quote, physically well. >> alan: a neighborhood in danville was evacuated after three pipe bombs were found inside the home. inside officers found three pipe bombs along with a small amount of leftover bombmaking material. the explosives were safely disposed of and the neighbors were allowed back in their homes. police arrested the suspected bombmaker, eric dennis, who rents the house. tomorrow, pacific gas & electric is expected to release a list of its 100 most risky pipelines across california. it comes after pressure from lawmakers and residents following the deadly san bruno explosion. pg&e opposed release of the list, and today survivors are trying to steer their attention away from the tragedy and toward the recovery. we're live in san bruno at the benefit concert today.
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>> reporter: it's now been 11 days since that explosion, and so many people we talked to here today said this is the first time they had a chance to come together to have a good time to remember what happened, and also to begin the process of looking ahead. >> reporter: construction crews boarded up the final windows in the blast zone where the only thing left standing is rubble. in a high school field a few miles from the destruction, there's signs this is a community standing strong. >> 15-year-old corrina walsh's close friend lost her home. >> i had friends who were personally affected by the fire so instead of sitting around, i decided to do something about it. >> reporter: this is what she did. organized a fundraiser for all those affected be the fire, and every penny raised goes to someone who lost something, maybe everything. >> we did it mostly for victims to come so they can spend the
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day and just get everything off their mind and enjoy is. >> reporter: if the victims of the blast were here, they didn't make their presence nope but they -- their presence known but they gave their thanks. >> we can start the recovery, instead of folk can you goes -- focusing on the tragedy. >> reporter: the support is here now. >> it's coming in from all over. as far as hawaii, the east coast, people have found out about it, and they're sending checks. >> reporter: in a community where it seems like everyone knows someone impacted by the explosion, it also seems like just about everyone is ready to help out. >> just getting back to how it was. a good cause. >> reporter: this event here at the high school goes until 7:00 this evening. all of the money that's collected will be donated to the local rotary and the lions club,
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and then gets distributed to those fire victims who need the help the most. abc-7 news. >> alan: to find out how you can donate to the victims of the san bruno explosion, go to our web site at links to several organizations are on our front page. >> carolyn: jean quan had her purse snatched last night when she was walking to the store. she tried chasing the suspect but he got away. the councilwoman's purse was located and returned to her today. four people were shot overnight in oakland's jack london square. it happened at 2:30 this morning in front of a chicken and waffle restaurant. all four victims were taken to the hospital. police are investigating what led up to the shooting. no arrests have been made so far. in pittsburg, three people were shot last night. one of the victims, an
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18-year-old adrian gonzalez, died to scene. two others were taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made. >> alan: san jose police officers are protesting the elimination of the gang unit. the violent crimes enforcement team is being combined with the metro unit and staffing has been slashed by a third. union leaders say it will affect public safety jokes the majority of homicides in san jose are gang-related. we simply will not have the resources to address gangs today like we did yesterday. it is a fact. >> alan: san jose mayor chuck reed blames the cuts on skyrocketing pension costs, and the combined task force will still make fighting gang violence a priority. >> there will be some lower level crimes such as homeless encampment removal that won't
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get the same attention. the chief will have the most important priorities. gang suppression is one of them. >> alan: the police ran an ad in the san jose mercury news protesting the cuts. >> carolyn: disturbing allegations about u.s. soldiers fighting in afghanistan. >> alan: first? >> really. ladies and gentlemen, we just found them. >> carolyn: a breakthrough in the search for eight missing children in southern california. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. some parts of the bay area did report a few showers this morning. sky is clearing right now. tomorrow morning the fog could be a problem.
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>> carolyn: a search in southern california a ended this afternoon when authorities found the missing members of a religious sect. their leader in the hospital for a enemy evaluation. we have this report. >> reporter: the small group of five adults and eight children was a breakway sect from a local church, described as cult-like
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by a local sheriff. they were all salvadoran immigrants. concerns arose when husbands of of the members found notes suggesting the group might be planning a group suicide. they contacted the police. >> in essence, they indicated there may be a journey to the next life. >> reporter: there was allegorical rev repses. -- reference, perhaps to jesus, visiting deceased relatives. police said the notes never mentioned mass suicide, but based on the fears of the relatives, they launched a wide search, bringing in offroad vehicles and deputies on horseback. as the police spokesman was giving a briefing, word came the group had been found. >> ladies and gentlemen, we just found them. >> alive? >> yes, they're alive and well and they are at a park here in the antelope valley. >> reporter: the members seemed to resent the attention they got. >> you see me, i'm okay,
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everybody okay. >> reporter: telling police they told their spouses why they were doing and had done it before. >> they only react because we left and didn't call them. >> i why did you dot that. >> i don't want to interrupt me. >> alan: a group of five u.s. soldiers are being charged with randomly killing afghan civilians. according to a disturbing expo say in the washington post, the team staged three separate murders earlier this year. the platoon is accused of dismembering their victims, photographing them and keeping bones as souvenirs. seven additional soldiers are charged with covering up the climb, including a staff sargeant from vacaville. in iraq, three dozen people were killed in three separate car bomb attacks today. they were the worst violence to hit iraq since president obama
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declared a formal end to u.s. combat operations in that country. the attacks shattered a period of relative calm in iraq since the end of the ramadan. still. >> carolyn: the b.p. oil spill is declared dead. >> alan: an unwanted guest. hurricane igor blows ashare. >> carolyn: leigh glaser has the forecast for the work week. wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown.
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but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. >> carolyn: that massive oil spill in at the gulf of mexico is now officially declared dead. the coast guard announced the well spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil in
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the gulf no longer poses a threat. that's five months after a deadly explosion that sank the rig, leading to the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the gusher was finally contained in july, but it took until now to get a permanent cement plug in place. >> alan: hurricane igor is battering bermuda. 80 miles-per-hour winds are whipping up rains and heavy rains are causing minor flooding. we have this report from bermuda. >> reporter: this is hurricane igor arriving, some high winds and a lot of rain associated with this storm. residents here on this island woke up to good news and bad news. the bad news is that igor is headed right towards the island. the good news is the hurricane has been downgraded to a category 1 from category 2. still, we're seeing gusts already of 85 miles-per-hour, some some of the waves hitting 15 feet. in fact, it's that surge of water which could cause a lot of damage. when the storm was still a
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category 2, the premiere of bermuda warned this might be the strongest storm the island faced. that may no longer be the case, but ago igor is going to sit ovr the water for 12 hours because it's so large. david curley, abc news, bermuda. >> carolyn: weave -- we've had in humid weather. >> leigh: this cold front is kind of wimpy. some areas managed a few drops. behind that frontal system, nice clearing taking place. a 72 right now in antioch, and livermore and 70 in con cord. santa rosa, 67. 74 right now with sunshine?
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san holiday -- san jose. it will be cooler tonight and areas of dense fog. that's developing, dry and cooler mid-week, and on wednesday evening, fall does arrive and temperatures start to warm back up. live doppler 7 hd picking up some good cells. chico, some good strikes there, and in the bay area, not much out there to speak of. today we managed a few drops. st. helena, santa rosa, .10. san francisco, trace. and as the system moved through, we talked about this last night, thought it would happen. is just moves through and just kind of falls apart, leaving us with clearing behind it, a little mist and drizzle out there. we start our day tonight -- actually start off the evening, the low clouds and fog will be
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on the increase, and some fog could be relatively dense, especially near the coast and overnight temperatures will come down, mid-to-low 50s near the coast, and half moon bay tonight, 52, and 54 for livermore. tomorrow, pockets of dense fog across the bay area could slow down the monday morning commute. ace we work through the day, we will see some of this burn back to just the coast. kind of a foggy, overcast day there tomorrow. look for 60s and 70s in the coast and the bay. so here's a look at the highs for monday. 76 for san jose. campbell, 77. overcast, half moon bay in the morning. look for partial afternoon clearing. 64 degrees for redwood city. san francisco, 68. in the north bay, temperatures a little warmer. 77 for santa rosa. sonoma, 77.
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oakland, 71, afternoon sun there. fremont, 74. in the east bay, temperatures warming, close to 80 degrees, brentwood 80, concord, 77. danville, 77. watsonville, 76, and gilroy, 82. the last two days of summer. fall arrives at 8:09 wednesday night. tuesday and wednesday will be the coolest days of the work week with temperatures dropping down into the mid-to-low 70s, and the -- check out friday, saturday and sunday next weekend, back up in the 90s. >> alan: let's check in with shu. raiders eek out a win. >> mike: the raidest hosting their rams, and it's blacked out. come on. there has also been a quarterback change. two games into the season. the
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>> mike: week two of the nfl has a quarterback change in oakland. rams in town for the home opener, blacked out. and bruce gradkowski replaces jay con campbell. not a sellout in oakland but always plenty of enthusiasm for the raider nation. second quarter, rams light up the board first. bradford to calculate ton, -- clayton. 7-0 rams. then jay con -- jason campbell picked off and his day was done. tom cable sends in bruce gradkowski in the second half. and the raiders respond. 13-7 raiders. gradkowski through for 162 yards. that score and a pick. in the fourth, raiders clinging to the lead, and darren mcfadden running out the clock. 145 yards on the ground. and the raiders hold out for the
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victory. >> made the switch at halftime at quarterback, basically just to give the team a lift. felt like we needed to change up a little bit, and my job is to win games and do whatever it takes to do that. >> you're always confident in yourself and your abilities and think you should be the guy and this and that. so we'll see. just got to take it one day at a time. one week at a time. >> mike: whatever it takes to win games. the giants prevented a sweep against milwaukee with some heavy lumber. the caped crusader, batman in attendance. guillen takes care of that. gee wihlakerss, bat man, grand slam. this time a single to center. 6-0g-men. a six rbi day for guillen. the giants offense wasn't done. bottom seven.
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buehrle, the padres lost, so the giants move back into first place with the victory. in minnesota, the a's looking to take two out of three from the twins. oakland put up some crooked numbers offly ranow in the first. 3-0a's. in the fifth, mark ellis puts ps some muscle into this one. the a's love affair with the .500 mark continues. they win today, 6-2. a unique event held yesterday on al -- alcatraz, a one-on-one hoops tournament, the first official sporting event on alcatraz. the winner was isaiah clutch bowman. he beat phoenix native gary smith. more than 600 people in attendance. rajon rondo was the master of
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ceremonies. talk about what's playing on the rock. >> really kind of started resonating with me, just cooped of the just kind of hit and the game i have to bring in the yard to be successful. >> mike: cool event. nascar begins the race to the cup. and more from the raider quarterbacks coming up. you say a controversiy, bought you do what you have to win games. >> alan: why hundreds of people got together today
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00, if you've been pulled over by this man, police want to know about it. the man has been acting like a policeman. the new lanes you pay to drive in begin tomorrow. join us at 6:00. >> carolyn: finally for now, thousands of people nationwide rolled out their yoga mats to raise money for charity. people took part in yoga aide. the national event has raised more than 700 then this year for a variety of charities, including the africa yoga project, which helps impoverished people in africa. similar events took place in san francisco, menlo park, and petaluma. >> alan: mass

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